Getting started

First, the numbers:

It’s about 4:30, temperature here at the office is about 66 degrees, skies are mostly sunny. High tide was at 3:47, and the next low is at 9:31. Days since the last boat ride: 3!

I was out on Sunday, despite the weather being a touch on the cool side. Winter boating in Sarasota is really interesting, since the water temperature is too cool for lots of the microorganisms and that makes the water clearer. The low tides in winter are also quite a bit lower, so you can see where all those sandbars and mudbanks  are– the better to avoid them when they are submerged. I think the bst kind of local knowledge is gained by running around in boats at very low tides.

Anyway, it was a great day spent with friends and looking at boats and homes. Never, ever get tired of THAT.

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