Can I move that tree? Or not?

You say you have the perfect place for that new home or addition? But there is a big tree right in the way — will the powers that be let you remove it?

It is generally no problem — with the exception of so-called “Grand Trees.” What are those? Any oak that has a 24-inch Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) will be considered a Grand Tree. These can be a problem to remove!

Better check with the authorities before you make an offer! Most anything else can be taken out, though you’ll want to talk to your local government about the hoops you need to jump through.

Large trees of the fig family like Banyans can also be deemed Grand Trees; however, they are actually an exotic (non-indigenous) species, and have such enormous canopies and shallow root systems that they are vulnerable to high winds. One option is sometimes to employ an expert (licensed landscape architect) to render an opinion that a particular tree or two present a storm hazard to neighboring properties and should be removed!

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