Waterfront for $110,000

You wouldn’t think it’s possible … but it is!

I actually went and viewed this one yesterday … a 1/1 manufactured home in Trailer Estates, Bradenton FL … just a few minutes from my home office.

It’s on a deep water canal with no bridges to the bay. I know it’s deep because there is a sailboat docked opposite this unit.

I’ve never lived in a trailer, but I’ve lived aboard a boat, and I’ll tell you: A trailer, er, manufactured home, is more spacious. That’s ’cause it’s rectangular, you know, no pointy ends or graceful curves. It also has a real bathroom, real municipal water and sewer, never gets barnacles, and never sinks at its mooring.

Think of a trailer with dock space behind it as a boat slip you own, with an extra little dwelling where you can keep some tools and a washing machine!

Anyhow — it’s cool in an old-Florida, low-overhead, unpretentious sort of way. Not for everyone, to be sure — but one way of living the waterfront dream on very limited bucks! Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

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