Waterfront for UNDER $100k (I kid you not)

My compulsive nature (now being used for good, ha-ha), lets me leave no stone unturned in searching for what my clients want!

Yesterday it took me to a first-floor condo at the Whitaker Bayou Condominium listed for just under $100,000. Here it is on a map.

I haven’t been inside the condo yet, but who cares? It’s 2 beds, 2 baths, about 1,000 square feet, not updated, I’m sure … but it’s the extras that are exciting.

What extras? Room for your boat, of course!

The back of the unit has a long seawall with a numbered boat berth for each unit. Isn’t  that something? It looks like up to 25 feet would be no problem.

The place is as neat as a pin, as you can see.

Whitaker Bayou itself runs under a low bridge (about 7 feet if memory serves) so the vertical clearance of your boat is important. But right after that, Sarasota Bay is in sight. There is a full-service boatyard there and for years, a company has been threatening to put in a luxury dock-o-minium complex in its place. Presumably those plans are on hold while we wait for the economic bogey-men to leave us in peace.

Anyway … that’s waterfront living (in Sarasota DOWNTOWN no less) for under a hundred. Yes, sirree.

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