Summer Love

Summer Love


Last Saturday, our spell of cold weather let up just a tiny bit and I was able to get the boat out on the water for a couple of hours.

I have to say, I know that people up north snort a little when we Florida folk complain about the cold. It’s like when my mother (everyone’s mother?) used to say, “You’re not going to eat that? There are people staving in Africa!” Talk about cold weather in Florida to your family and friends up north, and you’ll hear a little shaming! I tell them, move on down here for a few years and see if your notion of what is cold doesn’t get rejiggered a bit.

Okay, but back to Summer Love, which is the name of this incredible 105-foot yacht I ran into.

Well first, how cold was it? The high was about 64 and the wind was straight out of the northwest at 25 knots with higher gusts. That meant it was blowing straight down Sarasota Bay, so there was no lee anywhere. Our M.O. on real windy days is to hug the shore to windward and enjoy the relatively calm water there, but that trick wasn’t working this day.

The only thing I can say is that at least if I was going straight into it, it was a bumpy ride but dry. Turn to put the wind coming over the side of the boat, and the spray kicked up by the pounding will blow over you and wet you. Just a minor problem unless the temperature is under 70, in which case you will be cold indeed.

So straight into it I did go for a few miles, to anchor up in the lee of a little mangrove island out in the bay and enjoy the relative peace and quiet, reading a book or watching the mullet jump. On the way I stopped for gas at the Longboat Key Moorings Marina, where fantabulous craft like Summer Love arDSCN0989e gathered thick as wasps in winter.

Even in a high-end place such as that, Summer Love stands out. She has those strong good looks that had to come out of the 50s. Built by Feadship (Holland, and still in business, thank you very much) of wood, she has obviously been well-loved. The dockmaster said she was 70 or 80-some feet long when built but added to later. She does look a little long and lean, but you can’t fault her for that.

2 Responses to Summer Love

  1. Captain Jonathan says:

    She was 88′ when she was new. Mahogany wrapped in teak. Extended later to 105′ running gear still in original location. She still runs on her original 1954 detroit 6110’s(normally used as tug boat motors). We are in Washington, DC for the summer at this time. Thank you for your wonderful post, and compliments. It is nice to see lots of hard work recognized.

    Capt. Jonathan Westbrook
    M/Y Summer Love

  2. Today is a wonderful day and I am a very proud Mama!! Troy got a job crewing on a Feadship Dutch 105′ yacht starting Monday! He landed his dream job on a yacht and its a long time coming from when he powered remote control boats in Chicago. Wow!! Troy, my love, you did it!

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