2012: My New Year’s resolution is early this year

It’s hard to believe that so much time has gone by without me posting on this blog … or Facebook … or LinkedIn … or pretty much ANYwhere. Embarrassing. Someone said that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans, and I guess my own example supports that thesis.

Faced with a long gap in writing, a variety of thoughts crowd in … none of them really conducive to picking up the pen/keyboard again. Excuses, reasons, justifications … all the way on down to doubt, recriminations, self-loathing … good God, man, better get a grip!

A recurrent theme in those mental meanderings is, “What can I write about?” Something interesting, something engaging, something useful to readers? Truth is, it better be interesting to me first or it won’t get written, I suppose.

The professional practice of real estate is a lot about focused research on a particular area/neighborhood. One cannot be an expert on everything, everywhere, but it is possible to achieve a 90th-percentile level of knowledge of any neighborhood in a fairly short time, and we realtors do that all the time, as the need arises in order to serve a customer. The results of that research can get tucked away in a file cabinet for future reference but I think it’s more useful to plaster it up on this blog instead. It’s fun for me, it’s good information and it won’t get lost in my filing cabinets this way. So periodically, I’ll add another “Neighborhood Focus” blurb. That’s my New Year’s resolution, a little early this year.

Naturally, since boats and waterfront is on my mind much of the time, that’s where the “Focus” will wind up most of the time. Aw, gee.

Stump Pass one fine day

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