Spotlight on Sarabay Coves Condominiums

You can spend a million or even much more on waterfront property that has deep water dockage — and if you’ve got it to spend, why not?

But what if you don’t? There are plenty of places where you can spend wage-earner money and have access to the same water as everybody else — like Sarabay Coves.

Sarabay Coves is in the northeast corner of Sarasota Bay:

From the street, it’s just north of the Sarasota-Manatee county line and accessible to both areas. The airport is a 10-dollar cab ride. The address, in case you want to play around in Google Maps or Google Earth, is 1714 69th Ave W Bradenton FL 34207.

66 condos in 3 buildings (parking at ground level and 3 stories above that) with a swimming pool, club house, and tennis courts. Sale prices are in the high 90s and low 100s for a 2 bedroom, one-thousand square foot condo. Monthly condo fees will run around $450 a month and that includes all maintenance and insurance except what’s inside your condo (or your boat).

The DOCKs, though, are where it’s at! Dock a boat up to 42 feet, draft to 5 feet, for just $1.50 per month, and just walk up to your condo when you’re done!

The last time I checked, a slip of that size at Marina Jack in downtown Sarasota was $500 a month — and you have to share the bathroom facilities! Hmmm.

All of the condos have screened lanais. The view will depend on which side of the building you are on, with the best ones facing west toward the Gulf — but even those are affordable. If you can live with one facing town to the east, the price will be well under $100,000. Every now and then a 1-bedroom unit becomes available as well, priced commensurately lower.

The view to the west looks over the rooftops of Trailer Estates, a long-established manufactured home community. I’ve heard people express that as a drawback, but I have a different view(!): each homeowner in Trailer Estates owns their own lot … and that means it is highly unlikely that a developer will build some huge high-rise to block your view of the sunset over Sarasota Bay!

All in all, Sarabay Coves is quite a little secret hideaway for boat people.  To see what’s available right now,  either drop me a line or search the MLS at my site

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