Homes for Water Lovers!


Boats and water are what draw so many people to Sarasota. I remember the long winters on the Chesapeake, waiting for the sun to return, and I’m grateful for the year-round balmy weather and turquoise waters of southwest Florida.

On these pages you’ll find a variety of materials designed to help you as you formulate your plans to buy waterfront property! I am always adding new stuff, so come back again and check it out.

I am a Buyer’s Agent, which means I work on your behalf to make sure that all the issues are covered and negotiations are advantageous to you (looking out for the seller’s interests is the job of the seller’s agent)!

Best of all, you pay nothing for this representation — it is paid for out of the seller’s funds at closing. 

So … browse, enjoy, and come back often.

(Use the links in the sidebar on the right to access all the pages of this section)

Remember, you can search for property at any time of day or night, saving your results and even getting instant e-mail notification of new matches – at our search site right here.

2 Responses to Homes for Water Lovers!

  1. Mike Arctor says:

    Hello. I like your website. Can you send me any listings re: houses for sale on the Manatee River or canals off the Manatee River. Thanks! ~mike

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