This bayfront is a rare bargain … if you can, BUY it!

June 20, 2009

Boatable waterfront property, generally speaking, is priced according to the type of water access/water view it provides.

A salt-water canal with enough water to float a fair-sized outboard powerboat can be pretty affordable. You can get started for under $200,000, depending largely on boating distance from the Gulf — expect a fairly long run of 6-8 miles at that price; the closer to the Gulf, the more it costs.  Expect a narrow strip of water with a view of your neighbor’s dock and back porch across the canal.

The price goes up after that, if:

  1. the canal is broad, or better yet, a natural bayou that gives you a little space between you and your neighbors;
  2. the lot sits out at the juction of two canals on a corner or a peninsula that gives a broader view yet;
  3. the lot has a view of undevelopable wetlands or a preserves; or
  4. the lot has frontage on open water, like a bay. These can run close to a million and go up from there, depending on dozens of variables.

I have stumbled across a foreclosure home that is extraordinary in its location, and it will likely list for less than a million dollars. Assuming some flexibility on the part of the bank that owns it, it may sell for $700-800k … and it is REMARKABLE. Buy it if you can!

It sits on a corner lot of a half-acre between Terra Ceia Bay and a canal, so it has both a stellar open-water view AND 2 more protected slips (one with a boat house — rare!) up the canal. The house has roll-down hurricane shutters, a gorgeous pool, and lots of space (4 bedrooms, 3600 SF). Oh, and the Gulf is about 10 minutes’ run from the dock!

Here is a video of the view (8 more are on, just click here to see them all):

If you, or anyone you know, is in the market for a wonderful piece of boating property, contact me right away. I’ve looked at every other property for sale on Snead Island and this one is unmatched in its class. It is not yet on the market, but when it comes up for sale, I think it will sell FAST.

Waterfront for UNDER $100k (I kid you not)

June 9, 2009

My compulsive nature (now being used for good, ha-ha), lets me leave no stone unturned in searching for what my clients want!

Yesterday it took me to a first-floor condo at the Whitaker Bayou Condominium listed for just under $100,000. Here it is on a map.

I haven’t been inside the condo yet, but who cares? It’s 2 beds, 2 baths, about 1,000 square feet, not updated, I’m sure … but it’s the extras that are exciting.

What extras? Room for your boat, of course!

The back of the unit has a long seawall with a numbered boat berth for each unit. Isn’t  that something? It looks like up to 25 feet would be no problem.

The place is as neat as a pin, as you can see.

Whitaker Bayou itself runs under a low bridge (about 7 feet if memory serves) so the vertical clearance of your boat is important. But right after that, Sarasota Bay is in sight. There is a full-service boatyard there and for years, a company has been threatening to put in a luxury dock-o-minium complex in its place. Presumably those plans are on hold while we wait for the economic bogey-men to leave us in peace.

Anyway … that’s waterfront living (in Sarasota DOWNTOWN no less) for under a hundred. Yes, sirree.

Waterfront for under $250,000? In Sarasota?

January 27, 2009

Not all waterfront is in the million-dollar category! For sure , some is. But I have a listing, for example, within a mile of downtown Sarasota, and one bridge to the bay, for $215,000! Add a dock and you’ve got a place for a good-sized outboard boat to live in your backyard.

I have a listing in Port Charlotte on a canal that comes out on the Myakka River, with dock and pool, for $219,000. That one just went under contract or I’d offer to show it to you.

Even Siesta Key, historically priced in the stratosphere, is getting reasonable again. I have a listing there, 3 BR, 2 BA at 599,000 that is gorgeous, with a dock and small boathouse.

All of these can be seen on these web pages:

Downtown waterfront

Siesta Key Waterfront