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Preston Larus

(941) 232-3574          FAX (941) 296-7336

Keller Williams Realty – Lakewood Ranch

6710 Professional Parkway, Suite 301

Sarasota FL 34240

One Response to CONTACT ME

  1. Geoffrey Teetor says:

    Just ran across your site while researching Summerfield Boat works. Damn near bought a tear to my eye. I first set foot ashore there in the mid Sixties, I think I was about Nine or Ten years old. My family had moved to The Bahamas a few years before and my Father owned a 52′ 1930’s Herreshoff Sloop which we bought to Summerfield for hauling. My dad fell in love with the place, being quite the Bohemian off -center kinda guy that he was. He fit right in! We returned every year for hauling, doing most of the work ourselves, and when we got in over our heads the “Yard Crew” would rally-round and bail us out. I loved the place so much I ended up working there for a long time. Frank Giambattista hired me and I worked alongside “Big Mike” in the mechanics shop. Ah yes; cold beer at days end with Dockmaster Lyle, Brad Storm, Mark Thunder and the usual gang of reprobates that populated the place. I was there up until the end. Broke my heart to see it shut down, like watching your dog get hit by a truck, it still hurts a little. But what great memories.

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