Articles from “MAIB”


In addition to being a quotation from a famous literary work, Messing About In Boats is also a nifty monthly magazine with a circulation of about 5,000 devoted souls who love to read about, well, messing about in boats! The articles, often written by the readership, concern boatbuilding, book reviews, reports on recent boat shows, design studies, and all manner of fascinating topics. For many years one of the most regular contributors was the late Robb White, boatbuilder and raconteur extraordinaire, a personal hero of mine.

It has been published by Bob Hicks for more years than he probably wants to count, and a year’s subscription is $32, payable by check to MAIB, 29 Burley St, Wenham, MA 01984. Bob can be reached at 978-774-0906; he does not use answering machines or e-mail.  Bob does have a website, however, and there is a good bit of content available there to sample; you can even pay your subscription online!

Bob is also kind enough to publish stuff I contribute from time to time; attached are a few of my articles published over the years. They were originally published without photos; where possible, I have added them from my scrapbook. 

 “Origin of a Bum Knee (and other learning experiences)” – MAIB 2005

“Workboat Finish” – MAIB 2007

“Workboat Finish Part Two” – MAIB 2007

“The Joy of Trouble” – MAIB 2007



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