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NOT dressed for boating

NOT dressed for boating that day!

Just a word to say that my career (in boats as well as real estate for boaters) didn’t just start … but this website DID. I am having a great time adding things every day, but it is very much a work in progress.

You’ll find that the site is organized into 2 main sections: real estate and boating (the two main things, after all!). Enjoy both of them, right here!

A commercial website is like a billboard that gets erected on the information superhighway, and you want it to be perfect before you unveil it!

This site is different … more like coming onto my porch and sitting down for a chat. Instead of perfection, the goal is relationship. 

So if you find flaws, no problem — just come back in a day or two and they’ll be improved (usually), though other flaws will inevitably appear elesewhere.

So come on in, look around, make yourself at home. I’ll be dropping by every day to add something new.



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