Sometimes you just gotta do …

… what you gotta do. Sunday it was pretty cool here still,  but we were driving across the Ringling bridge and the water looked so good we just had to go boating. By the time we got out, the sun had gone down a little further and the wind had come up a little more, so it was not quite as balmy as we had hoped!

DSCN0996We’re coming in New Pass, and that’s the Sarasota skyline behind Cynthia. In the lower right corner is my foot with some new Vibram Five Finger footwear. Like going barefoot but with a little protection on the sole for those of us that have to wear shoes for work every day and so don’t have the tough feet we had when we were little! They feel great, and I expect they’ll feel even better when the weather warms up about 10 degrees.

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